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An average human being consumes around 740-750 litres of oxygen per year, multiplied with the world’s population, total oxygen consumption only by human beings, I repeat, only by human beings, is close to 5.8 trillion litre per year. Interestingly, the air in Earth’s atmosphere is made up of approximately 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen, which has been the constant composition for almost like forever. This ultimately means, whatever we do for social, economic or industrial growth, the availability of oxygen in the atmosphere is never going to increase further.  So, Oxygen management is very important for sustainable environment. 

However, the growth in world’s population doesn’t take a pause. There is a little more than 1% annual increase in the world population. Perhaps, we are not able to visualize the oxygen problem for healthy human beings, however if we carefully try to visualize the focus, the problem is not limited only to COVID or Asthma affected patients. Rather than it is equally applicable for we all human beings along-with all living creatures around us. Therefore, the rate of consumption of oxygen is approximately 2 million per year.

From generations, the human beings have lacked the skills to grow and develop sustainably. Although, we have abundant resources but we have always wasted enough that has resulted to the shortage. This carelessness has ignited the growth of market and the rising business. For example: The rise of food and beverage industry with big brands such as Bisleri. Earlier, we had abundant fresh water to drink but now due to the water shortage we have to pay for fresh drinking water. Similarly, wastage of food and other resources have increased the cost of living today because we do not give the priority to save for future until we need to pay.

Despite of Covid-19 in 2020, India lost 14% tree cover amid covid and recorded 12% rainforest destruction. There is no doubt that the deforestation rates have been increasing year on year and leading to the rise in the global warming levels.

We are facing a similar challenge with plastics and industrial wastes. The water bodies have been a plethora for waste discharge and mismanagement such as oil spilling. 100 million of marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone. In the urge of leveraging technology, we have disturbed the environment and its life cycle. The technology and its development indeed involve human resource, technical infrastructures. However, we forget to give back to our mother Earth whereas on the other hand, we gave harmful electromagnetic radiations which have a high impact on the decrease in bird population. Now, the point is

How we can manage the production and supply of oxygen for Oxygen Management?

Oxygen concentrators:

Right now we need more oxygen in medical facilities rather than industries. We already have shifted it but for long time we cannot do that, we cannot stop our industries. In COVID situation those who have oxygen saturation are below 95%, they can use oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrator is device which concentrates the oxygen from the atomosphere or filters the oxygen. Oxygen filtered by concentrator is not 100% pure but it may helpful for some patients.

Oxygen industrial plants for Oxygen management: –

Oxygen plants are producing 100% pure liquid oxygen, which is used in industries, medical facilities etc.  As, we know that India only need 7200 tons of oxygen per year before COVID. Now, situation is totally changed we need more oxygen more than 7200 tons only in medical system. We can create more oxygen plants to handle this worst condition.

Planting Trees: –

This is solution for many problems. As, we all know trees are naturals producer of oxygen. A single tree produces a 117 Litres of oxygen per year. This is average number and depends on the tree. It depends on age, size, species and atmosphere around the tree. A good healthy aged tree can produce oxygen for 10 people.

Prevent forest fires: –

According to data fire consumed 5.87 Gt/a of oxygen. We are using that oxygen in cooking the food, in industries etc. but, oxygen is unnecessarily consumed in some factors. Forest fire is one of them. According to data in year 2020 Approximately 59,000 forest fires burned 10.1 million acres.90% forest fires are started by humans. We should to prevent the forest fire with priority.

But here, the question again arises that how a common man can do oxygen management at home? Because we cannot set an oxygen industrial plant at home, we cannot buy oxygen concentrators or cylinders easily. This management is not to fight with this pandemic situation only; it’s for oxygen management in future also. So, again, we need to choose nature to heal these pains. Yes off course we cannot make a forest at home but there are some plants which you can keep inside your house. These plants are not growing fast also known as indoor oxygen plants. Here I am giving some example of such plants which are easily available and will help you in better management of oxygen.

These are few examples of indoor plants which can maintain the oxygen inside your home. These plants helps in many ways like lowering stress and anxiety, boosting healing and pain tolerance etc.

Our mother Earth gifted us nature and all the resources. It’s we thehuman beings who share the onus to take the responsibility of the sustainable growth and development. After long years of suffering, nature needs time to replenish itself. Nature is beautiful and harsh at the same time.  There is a dire need of sustainable development for human beings to survive.

After the covid-19 pandemic hit, the situation has worsened. We need to be disciplined and have to create the awareness. Imposing laws and strict administration involve the corporation and coordination from our society. We need to understand the governance and laws is the shield for our betterment and adhering to them is important. Social distancing norms, wearing masks and using digital payment for transactions are some of the ways to break the chain of covid-19. These are some of the gaps where we need to plan to have a sustainable development. Today, there is hue and cry for the oxygen. 

The gift of nature is ruthlessly tarnished and polluted that has ultimately resulted this havoc. Sustainable development involves innovation and creativity. Air purifiers and electric cars are the nuances of sustainable development. India ranks 48 among 131 countries in terms of Innovation index. Hence, the research and development field and other aspects of the sustainable development are needed to be focused.

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  1. Thank you Priya mam for giving Very good knowledge about oxygen management…
    Surely this will be the right path to manage the oxygen…

  2. There is a big question on how shall we maintain the balance between oxygen and our environment against serving the human needs. However, the environment conditions are deteorating day by day. There is a dire need of sustainable development.
    Very nicely written ?

  3. Oxygen plays a critical role in respiration, the energy-producing chemistry that drives the metabolisms of most living things. We humans, along with many other creatures, need oxygen in the air we breathe to stay alive. Oxygen is generated during photosynthesis by plants and many types of microbes. Plants both use oxygen (during respiration) and produce it (via photosynthesis).

  4. The article is so beautifully devised & the contents are really informative. Really enjoyed reading the material and the blog ! We should surly repay back to nature by planting trees & we must care for our nature to give more o2

  5. I like to read your articles. It’s very knowledge full and as a mother i’m feeling proud.

  6. You just explained beautifully…now we should have to understand the importance of these things.
    keep going on..!

  7. Environment protection is a big challenge and like you said we need to understand the situation and be disciplined .we must believe, we can save us and future together just by being responsible to some extent.
    About the article,it is good, informative to some extent, language is easy ,so convenient for common readers.overall nice work.

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