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How to Crack Your Job Interview?

How to Crack Your Job Interview?

Today I shall discuss a topic which is very common topic i,e “How to Crack Your Job Interview?” but I can assure you that my experience will reduce the phobia for an interview.

First of all, before going for an interview you should decide whether the job option is actually suitable or not then the facilities i.e. the city or location is worth financially or not, etc. that is the risk assessment part you are doing. some other examples I shall highlight, you should always compare the salary structure with respect to your present salary structure because it is seen a lot of times that the CTC structure of other companies may reduce your basic salary or take home salary which you may dislike. Most of the time interviewer asks whether the interviewee has something to ask or not then you should ask can you apply for a relocation allowance (for the expenses of relocating your households ) or traveling allowance or the company having any overtime allowance etc.
Now I come to the main part of the Job interview which is especially for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company related interview. In pharma field manufacturing companies broadly segregated as API or formulation companies, according to my opinion always a pharma guy who wants to work in manufacturing industry should try to work in formulation companies at the beginning of the career at least because of the process complexity and equipment variety as well as more stringency will create a good opportunity for trainees. Although I told about a comparison yet I shall suggest not to change stream if it is not a critical situation or very much important for the next career plan.
The most important thing for a job interview is your CV where you should contribute much time to frame your skill because in 80% to 90% times interviewer asks as you write the details about your previous experience, and if you are not experienced then you should be strong enough in subjects which are much related to the manufacturing of drugs. For fresher’s I can suggest that they should strong enough in pharmaceutics, physical pharmacy, and basic chemistry before an interview. Experience candidates should not only be knowledgeable rather be updated regarding the current scenarios. There are many topics in ocean like pharma world you are working but some basics all should aware as per the present trend e.g. basic idea of the regulatory bodies of the world, few forms and claws and guidelines like ICH guidelines, 21CFR (especially part 11), form 483, APIC guideline, schedule M for Indian market, etc. Now a day’s GAMP (good automated manufacturing practice) is a hot topic, many grown companies already adopted the trend of growing digitalization of manufacturing as electronic records and electronic signatures are much reliable as an audit trail.
Now I shall tell you some tricks to crack an interview:

  • 1. Remember, a job interview is a mind game, you will be judged by, to check your intelligence, knowledge, patience, and smartness so your gait, posture speech everything should be measured by yourself first.
  • 2. Before a job interview creates an imaginary situation in mind and think which questions you may be asked.
  • 3. The strongest part of your job activity should have the top priority in your CV, when you will be asked regarding that you should give your best so you should create imaginary questions and answers before the interview which will make you prompt and smart as well as it’ll build up your confidence.

Suppose the interviewer asks you what is data integrity? then you should think which questions may arise from your answer, for example, you have said ” Data integrity is the reliability of data created as an evidence of a procedure according to predetermined written instructions which are attributable, legible, contemporaneous, original, and accurate ” now you may create a lot of questions from your statement, like, what is a data? Why it should be attributable? What do you mean by contemporaneous? Why data should be accurately original? What do you mean by electronic data? What is metadata? etc. Creating such imaginary interview questions you may grow your skill too.
Dear friends you all are knowledgeable and intelligent, So, believe yourself and crack job interview. Wish you all the best for your bright future.

Please ask anything about How to Crack Your Job Interview?  in the comment box.Thank you……

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