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Basic Principle and Procedure of Fungal Staining

Fungal staining is a very short and easy method. Here you learn Basic Principle and Procedure of Fungal Staining. What is fungus? A fungus is any member of the group of eukaryotic organisms that includes microorganisms such as yeasts and molds, as well as the more familiar mushrooms. Fungi have cells with nuclei. Their cell walls…

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What are Oxygen absorbers and How works?

Oxygen Absorbers or Oxygen buster are used to remove oxygen from a sealed container, creating a nitrogen environment for long-term food/ pharmaceutical product storage. Because air contains more than 78% nitrogen, more than 20% oxygen, and 1-2% water vapor and other gases also present at a very minimal percentage. Only Oxygen supports the growth of…

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What is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization is a heat-treatment process that destroys pathogenic microorganisms in certain foods and beverages. The name comes from French Microbiologist Louis Pasteur. Louis Pasteur (in the 1860s) was demonstrated that abnormal fermentation of wine and beer could be prevented by heating the beverages to about 57° C (135° F) for a few minutes. The Purpose of…

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What is Disinfectant and antiseptic? Disinfectants vs antiseptic

Disinfectant and antiseptic are widely used in industries (Mainly Pharmaceuticals and Food industries) and as well as in our house. Antiseptics and disinfectants are also used in the medical and healthcare industries. Surgeons, for instance, scrub themselves with antiseptics before operating. Various healthcare workers wash their hands with antiseptics in hospitals. The purpose of the uses of both agents is…

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Why More Men are Dying from Coronavirus than Women?

The coronavirus is affecting in 213 countries in the world. Thousands of people are infected by coronavirus and thousands of people dead. But it is very interesting more Men are dying from coronavirus worldwide than women. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that 63% of deaths related to COVID-19 in Europe have been among…

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