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Why More Men are Dying from Coronavirus than Women?

The coronavirus is affecting in 213 countries in the world. Thousands of people are infected by coronavirus and thousands of people dead. But it is very interesting more Men are dying from coronavirus worldwide than women. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that 63% of deaths related to COVID-19 in Europe have been among men. The Chinese researchers also said that more than 70% died men.

There are lots of reasons for more men are dying from coronavirus than women.

Genetics and Immune differences:

One main difference is that women have two X chromosomes per cell whereas men have one. In the X chromosome, a particular gene sequence is responsible for a protein called TLR7. TLR7 detects single-stranded RNA viruses like the coronavirus. As a result, TLR-7 protein is expressed at twice the dose in females’ bodies compared to males. This TLR-7 protein boosts the women’s immune system. This cause may be the reason for men dying from coronavirus than women.

Enzymes and immune systems:

A study, published on 10 May at the European Heart Journal and reported that the men body has higher concentrations of the Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) than women. ACE2 protein is a key receptor on the surface of the human cells which binds to the coronavirus. ACE2 protein allows coronavirus to enter into the cell and infect. For this reason, Coronavirus is more diffused in men than women.

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Health condition in older age:

Another possibility is that older man generally worse health than women. They suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and lung, and cardiovascular disease, all of which have been linked to COVID-19 severity.

Anyway, women are more healthy than men. The scientist has declared women have a stronger immune system than men and could fight against almost all infectious diseases.

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