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Common Pharma Abbreviations


Pharma Abbreviations PVP: Process Validation Protocol PVR: Process Validation Report CVP: Cleaning Validation Protocol CVR: Cleaning Validation Report MQRM: Monthly Quality Review Meeting QRM: Quality Risk Management UCL: Upper control Limit LCL: Lower control Limit IPQA: In process Quality Assurance LLC: Live line clearance API: Active pharmaceutical ingredient APQR: Annual product Quality review AQL: Acceptable […]

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Bioremediation : Promise for Eco-friendly enact|What is Bioremediation?


What is Bioremediation? Bioremediation is a method for using the activities of microorganisms and-or plants to transform organic or inorganic compounds that may be harmful to humans, animals, plants or the environment to compounds that are less harmful. One of the major concerns to mankind today is safeguarding the natural resources and environment, ultimately the […]

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Passivation is a non-electrolytic process to removes free iron from the surface and forms an inert, protective oxide layer that in turn renders the stainless steel more rust-resistance due to lack of iron to react with the atmosphere by using nitric or citric acid. We already discussed What is Passivation and What are major Guidelines? […]

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How the New Drug approval process of CDSCO works?


The process of approval of a new drug in India is a very intricate process, which should meet the necessary requirements. The new drug is a medication or therapy that has not been used earlier in clinical practice to treat a disease. A new drug that is marketed after the approval from the FDA. Getting […]

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What is Passivation? How Does Passivation Process Work? How to Passivate Stainless Steel Parts?


Passivation could be a non-electrolytic method to remove free iron from the surface associated forms an inert, protecting oxide layer that successively renders the stainless-steel a lot of rust-resistance because of lack of iron to react with the atmosphere by using nitric or citric acid. Here we discuss What is Passivation? How Does Passivation Process Work? How to Passivate Stainless Steel Parts? More Articles Explore new openings in […]

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Explore new openings in Pharma Profession by Making yourself Skilled as Technical Associate in The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation CDSCO


The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) is under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India and the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) of India. I am disscused here Explore new openings in Pharma profession by making yourself skilled as Technical associate in The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO). […]

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What is Data Integrity and ALCOA Plus


Data integrity is key in a pharmaceutical quality system ensuring that products are of the desired quality. Data Integrity is increasingly becoming a critical GMP issue in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry. ALCOA-plus. A normally used word form for “attributable, legible, contemporaneous, original and accurate”   The descriptor ALCOA has been around since the 1990’s ensuring by regulated […]

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GOWNING PROCEDURE IN CLEAN ROOM Most Popular Articles What is the fumigation and fogging? What is viable and nonviable Particle Count? Scope for Science Graduate & Post Graduate Types of Clean Room Airlocks in cGMP Facility Simplified CAPA with Investigation Tools, Route Cause Analysis & Risk Management KNOW ABOUT TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT AND CURRENT GOOD […]

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How to Crack Your Job Interview?


How to Crack Your Job Interview? Today I shall discuss a topic which is very common topic i,e “How to Crack Your Job Interview?” but I can assure you that my experience will reduce the phobia for an interview. First of all, before going for an interview you should decide whether the job option is […]

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10-Deacetylbaccatins (10 DAB) is a series of closely related natural organic compounds isolated from the yew tree (Genera Taxus). 10-DAB is also isolated from the needles (leaves) and roots of the Canadian Yew tree, Taxus canadensis, the American ornamental Yew Tree, Taxus media “hicksii” or the European Yew Tree, Taxus baccata, utilizing patented Super Fluid […]

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