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M. J. Biopharm Hiring for Multiple Position.

M. J. Biopharm and MJ Biotech are human health-focused companies that are supported by the MJ Institute of Research (MJIR). MJ Biopharm is a biopharmaceutical company that produces Medical formulations for combating a plethora of ailments. Currently, MJ Biopharm’s pharmaceutical formulations are accredited & sold in more than 30 countries globally. M. J. Biopharma Hiring for Multiple Position.

One of the Core products of MJ Biopharm is lifesaving human recombinant DNA insulin injection in various dosage forms like injectable cartridges, vials, and disposable pen devices. MJ Biopharm has focused on a biotechnological research-based approach towards growth.

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M. J. Biopharma has two manufacturing locations. Our Facility located in Taloja, near Mumbai, is WHO GMP. The second and the newer facility is located in Pune, in Maharashtra industrial development corporation (MIDC).

M. J. Biopharm Hiring for Upstream and Downstream Champions.

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